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PERFECT BUSINESS CONSULTING has been in the business advisory services since 2007. Under its current name was established in 2011.

PERFECT BUSINESS CONSULTING provides services throughout the country. The registered office is in Warsaw.

PERFECT BUSINESS CONSULTING specializes in matters relating to the business security management in regard to gathering and analyzing information...

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The PERFECT BUSINESS CONSULTING company's mission is to offer comprehensive advice to the safety of the business in all areas and sectors of the economy.

We want our customers to create the best conditions for the development of their business and protect them from the negative effects of economic crime and fraud. In this regard, we want to be the leading company in the market.


PERFECT BUSINESS CONSULTING guarantees an individual approach to each client and the preservation of ethics and safety. We are partners with our clients, building relationships based on professionalism and mutual trust.

Our clients include law offices and tax advisory companies, insurance companies, business intelligence firms, as well as many of the well-known global manufacturing companies.